So, you want to create a product that gives customers a one-of-a-kind, required experience.

But where do you go for that market gap? It might be tough to discover a strategy to incorporate market trends into your company model because they are continuously changing.

The need for new products and services that keep up with the fast development pace of technology increases every year. In 2020, when our lives became completely different than before, we felt this need more than ever.

Companies faced a bewildering rate of change even before the pandemic arrived. The virus and its consequences have only…

Many of today’s companies swear their products or services are all about the customers. Including us. But are we really putting customer’s needs, concerns, and desires before anything else?

Oracle claims that 82% of the consumers are giving brands thumbs down and more than a third of those surveyed said they would drop a brand after one bad experience.

They carried a study called “One size doesn’t fit all” together with Jeanne Bliss, a customer experience expert. The study examined 1,100 U.S. respondents from different backgrounds and ages. …

Launching a product during a pandemic is a challenge — but a worthwhile one. The global consumer shifts also created big business opportunities. How has the pandemic impacted the business environment? How has it changed the way we innovate and launch? And what is the formula for a successful launch plan?

Today we are speaking with Tina Janeva, a Business Development Specialist and Product Launch Expert, and Solver at Solveo, to unveil her ways of adapting to the new normal while helping businesses build and launch new products during the pandemic.

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When trying to build a new business from scratch, or aiming to help your clients do the same, a question arises from the very beginning: Which acquisition channel/s should you invest your advertising efforts in, to yield the best results?

Aiming to unveil the secret to the success of businesses worldwide, Zero to Users uses a data-based approach to answer that question. Only a few months after launching, the service created has already been featured on Indie Hackers, YCombinator and StackedMarketer.

Today we are speaking to the creators of Zero to Users, Ivan Zografski — growth consultant co-founder of Innovation…

A big part of our work with companies that want to launch is discovering the right acquisition channels. Last month I spent some time researching acquisition channels used by companies in the plugin niche. After analyzing 26 companies, I found 7 channels that show the highest potential for scalability. These are actual interviews with the founders/CEOs of those companies, and each quote is traceable to an actual web page.

Big names like Amazon, Shopify, or Apple have their own app stores where you can make various tools & participate in their ecosystem.

Here are the quotes for the positive mentions:

With the development of digital technology, opportunities for growth have exploded. However, building a sustainable business is harder than it’s ever been. Competition is global and fast, and without a “build a strong team” strategy, staying ahead is mission impossible.

Your organization’s success is entirely in your team’s hands. But their bond, drive, and creativity, is primarily dependent on you. So how can you build a strong team that will outshine everyone and takes your company to the top?

You’ve come up with a really cool idea that you are certain will be the next big thing. You tested it and the results prove you right — but you already knew that would happen. Your product is so good that it will practically sell itself, right?

Well, let’s put it this way:

Think about Apple’s Macintosh, the first (user-friendly) personal computer. Surely a product like this was going to practically sell itself, right? In reality, the true reason for its wild success was the clever marketing campaign that included the legendary 1984 advertisement that played during the 1984 Super Ball.

Every product, no matter how amazing, needs marketing.

You might not have the $5 million to run a Super Ball commercial today, but you can still develop a killer marketing strategy that will really get the message across, and attract the precious early adopters.

The truth is, however amazing your product is, is no…

One of the biggest challenges I’ve seen entrepreneurs face is raising funds for their business.

Questions like: Where can I get the money? and How do I know who to trust? are ones I’ve heard one too many times.

Raising funds is in no way a simple or easy process, but with the right approach, anything is possible.

In the past decade, I’ve worked with many companies and helped them get ahead through investor support, crowd-funding, and special government programs/funds.

In most cases, it wasn’t a smooth sail, but I’m here to share what my experiences have taught me, so…

Behind every successful project is a good project manager. But, aside from the plethora of tasks that come with the role, the project manager also needs to be the balancing anchor, the reliable leader, and the motivator for everyone in the team.

Between making project plans, asking for budget executions, and managing every step of the execution process, as a project manager you also need to make decisions that serve as a guide for everyone in the team.

If you make a mistake and need to start from the beginning you are killing the productive flow, and if you take…

User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design (IX) are becoming more and more important in today’s digital world. The way people use your site and the interaction between users and products can determine the success of your business venture. We should add user interface (UI) to this successful formula too. It’s because people’s choice of tools for interaction on your website plays a significant role.

But, what exactly makes successful UX/IX important? Is the investment worth it? Let’s highlight a few examples where these digital design concepts can help business owners, especially the ones focused on product development.

How UX/IX with design thinking can help you?

Boosted productivity —…


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