Crowdsourcing as a method for delivering innovative mobile banking solutions

Ohridska Banka Societe Generale (OBSG) is a retail bank that is part of one of the largest financial groups in the world — the Societe Generale Group. With more than 146,000 employees and presence in 66 countries, the Societe Generale Group serves 31 million customers around the world for more than 150 years. OBSG operates according to the high standards of Societe Generale, respecting the four main values of the Group: team spirit, innovation, commitment, and responsibility. The main strategy of OBSG is the continuous improvement of the quality of the performance of banking services and its full commitment to meet the needs of its customers. OBSG aims to be the role model of banking relations, recognizable on the market, close to its clients, chosen for its quality and dedication of its teams.

The Challenge

Mobile banking is becoming an indispensable part of our everyday life. The rapid development of new technologies leads to expansion of the possibilities for interaction and wider use of banking services. The need to introduce innovations in mobile banking and in the way banks interact with current and future users is obvious. The main goal of this challenge was to find and create new ways of interaction with the clients of the bank. How could we create innovative solutions to facilitate the use of mobile banking that will increase the usefulness of banking services for young people, as well as improve customer engagement and retention through a mobile app.

Goals and objectives

  1. Create a communication strategy for the targeted audience
  2. Define the best way to engage and interact with potential customers
  3. Co-create the mobile bank of the future along with its current and potential users
  4. Enhance brand awareness of Ohridska Banka Societe Generale and raise attention about their OBSG BUZZ Hackathon

Our approach

In order to reach our goals, firstly we defined our client’s target audience, young and ambitious enthusiasts, the current and future users of mobile banking. Gaining insights about their preferences and habits, we created a strategy on how to reach and interact with them. Due to the digital era and the tech-savvy generations, we decided that the most engaging and interactive way to execute this was to organize a crowdsourced-based event “hackathon”. A three-day event that gathered 50 talented and ambitious young people from different backgrounds that became the co-creators of the future of mobile banking.

Crowdsourcing is the practice of engaging a ‘crowd’ or group for a common goal — often innovation, problem-solving, or efficiency. It can take place on many different levels and across various industries. Thanks to our growing connectivity, it is now easier than ever for individuals to collectively contribute — whether with ideas, time, expertise, or funds — to a project or cause. This collective mobilization is crowdsourcing.

Through this event, Ohridska Banka had the opportunity to get closer to its potential customers and find out more about their needs and wants. Employing a Design Thinking methodology during the event, the teams worked on developing solutions for their ideal mobile banking app, being constantly guided by our mentors and constantly obtaining feedback on their progress. In the end, every team presented their innovative mobile banking solution and the winning one was taken into further development by Ohridska Banka Societe Generale.

By applying this method, the company gathered first-hand user insights and data, received 9 different mobile banking solutions, and co-created their future product together with their future users.


  1. Organized hackathon which managed to engage over 80 applicants from which 46 were selected as young and talented participants
  2. 9 innovative and tested solutions came up as a result of this hackathon
  3. Enhanced brand awareness of Ohridska Banka Societe Generale as a bank of young people and opportunities
  4. Increased interaction with current and new users of the mobile banking

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Solveo is a strategic design & innovation consultancy that empowers companies to deliver breakthrough solutions. Reach out at

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Solveo is a strategic design & innovation consultancy that empowers companies to deliver breakthrough solutions. Reach out at

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