Go-to-market Strategy Framework!

  • Launching a new product in an existing market,
  • Introducing an established product into a new market,
  • Testing the potential market for a new product.

What is a Go-To-Market Strategy?

  • Decreases the time to market
  • Ensures that product launch is successful
  • Reduces the costs of failed product launches
  • Manages product development challenges
  • Improves customer experiences

Go-to-Market Strategy Examples

The Product Strategy and the Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-To-Market Strategy Framework

Market Demand: Is there a market demand for the goods, or is it oversaturated already?

Users: Who is affected by the problem that your product solves?

Competitors: Who else is selling what you’re selling?

Unique Value Proposition: What distinguishes your company from others in your industry?

Distribution: What channels will you use for marketing the product or service?

Pricing: What pricing models will you offer?




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