Solve(o) the New Year!

As we are getting ready to say goodbye with 2017 every one of us, at some point, did a little throwback on the current year and thought about everything that happened, whether was positive or as we say a learning experience.

Getting the impressions together, it’s time to make the changes we are all eager to do. Dream big. Plan.Take action.I know I know it sounds like a cliché. That’s why we decided to take a new turn and Solve the New Year!

What does that mean?

For starters, take into consideration all that you accomplished in the past year. We all know the first step is the hardest because it’s the hard reality check. It’s inevitable but, also refreshing and energizing to see where have you been and where are you now. Facing the results, the process, the changes is a reality check that is most needed if you want to improve and succeed. In the first step it’s very important, to be honest with yourself, find what you did best, where you need to improve and what it’s surplus. Keep the good, worthy habits that climb you up on the ladder of success. Don’t be afraid to get rid of the obstacles if they aren’t providing any value or chance of improvement. Time is precious. Spent it good.

After the sum up, take a step further, define your vision. Make a clear goal (written preferred) where you want to be, want you to want to be. In other words, put your vision on paper. Go for the big picture. Take the long run. Be brave and reach for your dream. Our team did this when we were defining our strategy. Brainstorming is crucial here since everybody has a different perspective of the future. Finding a common ground to define your goal, why it’s important and take the right path will create the plan itself.

When you know what you want, where you see yourself, your company it’s only left to create your action plan. We all know what action plan is, what it contains, but do we really implement it? Or is it just empty words to help us sleep at night thinking we did our best and it’s not up to us anymore? Like some kind of force majeure will step in and make it happen. Wrong wrong wrong…It’s only and only up to us and our motivation! If your vision is sincere and it’s intrinsically motivated nothing can stop you from making it a reality. If your action plan is concrete, meaning it contains layers of smaller steps (monthly, weekly, daily) which can be put on different levels on the scale of priorities.

Our advice on this: divide your scale on priorities in 3 zones — small, medium and large priority.

Each month, week and day make a plan what will be in your focus depending on the task, time required, knowledge, people, etc. Take into consideration all resources that affect (directly and indirectly) the task, so you can manage an appropriate amount of time to finish it.

It’s very important to measure your progress. So you can know whether you’re going in the right direction and to know when you’re getting out of track. This means coordinating the quantity and quality of your work. The balance is needed in everything and this is no exception.

The measured results must be reflected on a scale of success. This scale is about measuring the effectiveness of your work, how close you are to accomplishing your goal. After all, the point of doing what you love is to have fun. Create interesting challenges that will add motivation to make the best of it! Remember as the saying goes: it doesn’t work if you love what you do!

Happy Holidays from the Solveo team!

Solve the New Year at the very beginning!



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